1. Drip. Taken July 28, 2014 with Canon EOS Rebel T3i.

  2. The afternoon light was gorgeous this afternoon. Taken on July 24, 2014 with Canon EOS Rebel T3i.

  3. Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte—cakes with umlauts in them are the best. Taken June 24, 2014 with Canon EOS Rebel T3i.

  4. Happy Trails. Taken June 6, 2014 with Canon EOS Rebel T3i.

  5. Skilleted Berry Wreath.

    (via Mixed Berry Swirl Bread)


  6. Dreamy Strawberry Scones

    dreamy strawberry scones

    Mondays are hard. So I made some dreamy strawberry scones.

    Stir together dry ingredients in a bowl, and have butter and strawberries standing by.

    dry ingredients, ready to mix

    Once you’ve cut in the butter until the mixture is the texture of coarse meal with some small pea-sized lumps scattered throughout, it’s strawberry time.

    strawberries go in before cream

    Pour in cream and mix gently until a very rough, craggy dough forms.  My dough didn’t actually…

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  7. Two. Taken May 14, 2014 with Canon EOS Rebel T3i.

  8. strawberry rhubarb pie on Flickr.

    Pink P-I-E Perfection.

  9. a little wistful on Flickr.

  10. dark chocolate mini cheesecakes on Flickr.

    2005 Called and Wants Its Cheesecake Back